Everyone following the Over Fifty Fitness program will need the following items, many of which you likely have already:

  • Smart phone or digital camera w/video

  • Shoe (sneaker or running shoe)

  • Can of soup

  • Kitchen sink

  • Sofa and/or ottoman

  • Broom handle or dowel (4' long)

  • 2 yoga mats (1/4" thick)

  • Knee cushions (you can use sofa cushions)

  • 1x4 or 2x4 board for a heel lift (can also use books)

  • Small pillow for head support


Nice-to-have options: you can click on the photo grid for links to any of these items:

  • Small rubber pad for knees

  • Thicker pad for knees

  • Hard foam cushion to raise hips in seated position

  • Heel wedge

  • Dowel or alignment stick (4-5')

  • Head support cushion