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"We'll keep you moving like you're 50 until you're 80 or more"

-Patrick Przyborowski
  Owner: Over 50 Fitness

Why Choose
Over 50 Fitness?

18 years of experience

20,000 hours of training

100+ healthy clients

Our training program is specifically designed for men and women over fifty for whom quality of life is a priority


What's Different About Fitness When You Are Over 50?

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Key Benefits of Over 50 Fitness


Stay healthy and maintain freedom of movement


Feel Younger
Regain your youthful spirit and increase energy


Build endurance that stands the test of time


Take Back Control
Become aware and transform your body


Enjoy the activities you love and cherish every day


Build Confidence
Empower yourself to be Over 50 Fit!

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Accept the Challenge

You only get 1 body.
Make the investment and choose Over 50 Fitness to begin your journey to a healthier and happier life

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