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How Squats Can Boost Your Brain

I always feel smarter for doing squats, because I know:

  • They're great for hip, knee, and ankle mobility

  • They strengthen so many muscles in the lower body

  • If you want to be able to get up and down from the ground (and you should), you have to be able to squat.

When I say, "smarter" I'm talking about a common sense understanding of something that just makes sense, like investing a portion of your savings instead of hiding it under your mattress.

What I just learned from a video segment on the BBC website is that squats may be the ideal exercise for a brain boost. It's commonly understood in science that physical activity is good for the brain, but new research is showing that squats in particular may be the "smartest" choice for you.

CAUTION: If you haven't done squats in a long time, or if you've never had anyone evaluate your form doing squats, you may want to check out this mini-refresher from my Over Fifty Fitness program (which is designed to make sure that you can keep "getting smarter" until you are eighty or more.

Click on the picture or this link to watch the video!

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