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How do I get started with the program?

Begin by watching the 3 intro videos on the home page. They will give you a great overview of the program and how to begin.

How much is a subscription?

If you just want to explore some of the content before you make a decision then I recommend a day pass for $4.99.

The monthly subscription rate is $19.99 and comes with a daily email series that guides you step by step through the Over Fifty Fitness Program. It also comes with a complimentary PDF of the Over Fifty Fitness Playbook, which has all the tools you need for self-scoring and performance tracking.

The annual subscription rate is $179.99, which includes everything from the monthly subscription rate but at a 25% discount!

How Do I Subscribe?

Click here to go to the Get Started Page, and click on the red box entitled, "How to Subscribe to Over Fifty Fitness," for a video that walks you through the subscription process.

What is Core and how is it different from this program?

Core: Fitness for Every Body is a new app that helps fitness instructors build and operate their digital businesses. Once you register online via the Core app, you can watch the content on a desktop, laptop, or you can download the new iOS app for your mobile devices on the Apple App store.

I currently have an injury. Can I still participate?

Yes, just as soon as your doctor says it's okay to exercise again.